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Annual decline price below target The new maternal mortality estimates display that while gains are being made in middle-income countries, the annual decline between 1990 and 2005 in sub-Saharan Africa was only 0.1 percent. No region achieved the necessary 5.5 percent annual decline during the same period, although Eastern Asia came closest to the prospective with a 4.2 percent annual decline and Northern Africa, South-Eastern Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean experienced relatively faster declines than sub-Saharan Africa. Slightly more than one half of the maternal deaths happened in the sub-Saharan Africa region, followed by South Asia . Together, these two regions accounted for 86 percent of the world’s maternal deaths in 2005.The Bloomberg College acts as the coordinating middle for the Consortium that includes a network of core civilian trauma centers working together with the major military medical centers that provide treatment to service associates who sustain main trauma while on energetic duty. Under this new award, the real number of core civilian centers will increase from 12 to 24. An additional 30 satellite trauma centers around the country have pledged support for the Consortium and are eager to participate in one or more of the studies sponsored under its umbrella.