Which is definitely reported in THE BRAND NEW England of Medicine.

Fu stated. ‘This research gives us another exemplory case of the usefulness of gene expression profiling for defining biologic entities with important implications for clinical research and practice,’ he said.. Burkitt lymphoma gene expression signature identified An international study relating to the University of Nebraska Medical Center, the National Cancer Institute and 10 other institutions has successfully identified the gene expression signature for Burkitt lymphoma. The discovery, which is definitely reported in THE BRAND NEW England of Medicine, allows physicians to better diagnose and deal with Burkitt lymphoma and better distinguish it from another more prevalent form of malignant lymphoma.Caron, Ph.D., 2013 Lieber Prize for Outstanding Accomplishment in Schizophrenia Analysis, Duke University. Dr. Caron will show analysis in his laboratory which has shown that clinically effective antipsychotics block the activities of the neurotransmitter dopamine by getting together with dopamine D2 receptors, which are associates of a large category of proteins known as G protein-coupled receptors . Dr. Caron and his co-workers have determined a novel setting of signaling for dopamine D2 receptors and so are exploring the way the findings could be leveraged to develop even more selectively targeted and effective antipsychotics.D., Ph.D., 2013 co-recipient of the Sidney R.