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Helps ensurerd Pharmaceuticals Announces Pivotal Phase 3 SPEAR trial evaluating picoplatin reached in Small Cell Lung Cancer 320th Event TargetPoniard Pharmaceuticals announced that 320 evaluable events have occurred in its pivotal Phase 3 SPEAR trial, which is carried out with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration , in the treatment of evaluation picoplatin small cell lung cancer .

SPEAR Trial DesignThe international, multicenter, randomized, controlled Phase 3 – SPEAR trial evaluating the efficacy and safety of picoplatin is as second – line therapy in 401 cancer patients with SCLC respond or respond or relapsed following first-line platinum-based therapy. The primary endpoint of the study , the overall survival. Statistical analysis of the study plan, as agreed, is operated 90 % to a 33 % reduction in risk in overall survival for picoplatin treatment with best supportive care versus BSC alone (hazard ratio of 0.This study, carried out in child in neonatology at Elizabeth Garrett Anderson and Gynecology hospitals is the first of direct scientific measure out of pains in premature babies. – Professor Maria Fitzgerald, UCL Department of Anatomy and Developmental Biology in , who led the team, said: ‘The uncertainty about pain treatment in premature babies been always pointed in the recent years and there is a lack of basic information about effective methods of pain therapy to the youngest patients done The result, when considerable efforts of near infrared spectroscopy clinical pain – management in infants subjected invasive procedures offer, it remains suboptimal in many units..