Which includes 37 major public and private broadcasting companies.

To HIV / AIDS programming, according to organizers to the partnership to stop the spread of HIV information, HIV-positive people to live a normal life and challenge young people safe sex habits, who can practice to reduce the risk of HIV infection. Including the Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf – will be featured in the PSAs in addition, local television and. Radio stations in the next year will receive training and technical assistance for HIV / AIDS issues and messages in popular programs such as soap operas, documentaries and sitcoms to integrate.

Surgery.l muscle cells as a source for regenerating nerve tissuecells from skeletal muscle could be an important source of stem cells for repairing damaged muscle or nerve tissue, suggest authors of a research article in this week’s edition of The Lancet. A group of cells, known as skeletal muscle satellite cells are able to regenerate muscle fibers Giulio Alessandri and colleagues investigated whether these cells into different types of mesenchymal cells to differentiate. In particular , they investigated the capacity of muscle stem cells neural neural cell lines.– ‘using the renewal of the exciting Last center contribution and change in approaches and techniques to the mission of the NICAD or Scripps investigator make,’says Fox. ‘This work is an example of how to the Centre moved ahead research. ‘.. Shifting research forwardsThe publication coincides with a $ 11,000 reward for an five-year renewal to the center referred the Scripps neuroAIDS Preclinical studies have who operates with Scripps, local San Diego, national and international levels investigator to understand, treat, and preventing neurologic complications of an HIV infection.

Add recent years, access to powerful antiretroviral treatment in the United States and other developed countries substantially the health , survival and function of HIV improved. However there people are living longer to the virus, prevalence of neuro – AIDS are rising. Now that we have treatment of treating the immune / viral aspect of the HIV in many respects[ AIDS] a chronic disease into a chronic disease, says Fox. The fact that many of antiretroviral medicines. Not to show good penetration of the the blood brain barrier continue bringing the brain is at risk because the brain will be infects you soon according HIV exposure and and infection the so called While previous studies have end-stage dementia did attached because of HIV for the presence of infected and activated immune cells, were type of neurological changes in earlier stages of the condition, the so-called chronic phase unknown – till now..