When found in elderly patients.

These included gastric, lung and renal cancers (5.. CT colonography found in elderly sufferers detects a high number of abnormalities outside the colon CT colonography , when found in elderly patients, may detect a higher number of fresh and significant abnormalities beyond your colon and is very well tolerated, according to a recent study conducted by researchers in St. James’s University Hospital in Leeds, United Kingdom . We only appeared for significant pathology, excluding common benign incidental findings; for example gallstones or adrenal adenomas.Braun Medical Inc. stated today healthcare professionals is now able to place orders for Prontosan Wound Irrigation Remedy and Gel with PHMB , a remedy useful for cleaning wounds and also lubricating and moistening absorbent wound dressings. A program at the Symposium for Advanced Wound Treatment Fall Event on September 16 at noon EDT will showcase the brand new item. ‘Prontosan presents a fresh approach and new expect patients who have problems with chronic wounds,’ stated Mike Kelly, Director of Marketing, Infections Control Items for B.