Vince Kuraitis of e Care Management Blog hosts the latest edition of Health Wonk Review facts.

Trudy Lieberman of the Columbia Journalism Review Campaign Desk looks at three small newspapers ‘fine’ coverage of local health policy issues facts .Vince Kuraitis of e – Care Management Blog hosts the latest edition of Health Wonk Review, a biweekly compendium of more than two dozen health policy, infrastructure, insurance, technology and managed care bloggers. Another participant blog hosts each issue. Niko Karvounis of the Century Foundation Health Beat Blog looks employer struggles in providing retiree health benefits and concludes that instead of punishing employers or leaving retirees in the cold, we should improve Medicare.

The AUA – SS was demonstrated again and always be an important and useful tool in the diagnosis, treatment and management of BPH. But as with any tool, its use also brings risks. It is for clinicians to assess their understanding of the AUA – SS patients, to prevent misunderstandings and subsequent adverse mismanagement of the disease.


Late night Palin’s Recent Comments On Teen Pregnancy Creating ‘ Mixed Message For Impressionable Minds, ‘ Opinion Pins SaysBristol Palin been really trying teenager parents warning away from effort of earlier parenthood by clicking using NBC’s Today Show host Matt Lauer about the late-night feedings and Change Diapers, but appearance were certainly one mixed message for impressionable head, Philadelphia Daily News a columnist Jenice Armstrong writes in a guest column. Bristol Palin, subsidiary of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin gave birth in December 2008 after of an unwanted pregnancy and she seemed with her baby on of show Wednesday According teen pregnancy. According to Armstrong, the implicit message been: See this adorable baby baby? It get during unprotected sex, How do I did having[ father of] Levi Johnston. And everything was found, Whereas those words not have come out of their mouth, that child may very good have takeaway send, Armstrong writes added, to is what to me worry about high my Profile media tour Bristol. I – you is Bristol, the novel anti: – Bristol Palin sponsored also as as the Candie the new teen ambassador Stiftung and appeared in an City Hall of the Foundation for Nationale Teen Pregnancy Awareness Day Armstrong adds. who – teen mom role model, discuss their remorse about an early parental. But it saw not much the worse for experience, In addition, Bristol white – as – me – say, not-as – I – did message be confusing – not to mention void, Armstrong writes you notes. . At least Bristol talk time up of abstinence take to the dismissal such as unrealistic , as she had said in an interview with Fox earlier in the year, and added that Johnston even praised abstinence in a recent interview on CBS. Johnston told Interview with But I also think you need to enforce. And and contraceptive and other things like that safer to have sex , added: I not just think, to say young kids, ‘You can ‘ t having sex, it not go to work, Armstrong closes: . Both the Johnston and Bristol are living proof in that (Armstrong, Philadelphia Daily News.