Todays announcement caps the first season of the Institutes ten year mission.

Together with matching funds committed by grant recipients, a lot more than $300 million provides been invested this year in Texas’ extraordinary endeavor to change the facial skin of cancer. The groundbreaking work designated today brings us one step nearer to that audacious goal. Most of the cancer research awards announced today will fund ambitious projects bringing together teams of scientists at leading Texas organizations to tackle critical issues in cancer detection, treatment and diagnosis.The variant of the serontonin gene in charge of elevated vulnerability to developing major depression was also decided. In teenagers with a special variant of the gene, cannabis use led to an increase of depressive symptoms. Robust effect ‘The effect is robust. It still remains, even if you consider a series of additional variables that might lead to the effect, such as smoking behaviour, alcohol use, upbringing, personality and socio – economic status. Some people might think that teenagers with a disposition for depressive disorder would start smoking cannabis as a kind of self-medication, and that the current presence of depressive symptoms is the cause of cannabis use therefore.