To cover today also Portugal.

To cover today also Portugal, as another territory in addition to Spain. Francisco Soria Melguizo is among the marketplace leaders for medical microbiology in Spain, offering products for microbial antibiotics and identification susceptibility testing. Bruker is the global innovator in MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry centered identification of microorganisms. Because the beginning of the collaboration in-may 2009, Francisco Soria Melguizo has placed approximately 20 MALDI Biotyper systems in microbiology laboratories of key opinion leaders in Spain, and the first program in Portugal recently. The MALDI Biotyper program has essentially become the fresh de facto standard for microbial identification in Spain, as in lots of in other Europe just.This method has following benefits: This is simply not only the easiest nonetheless it can be also the most effective Arsenic removal technique. It involves adding ferric acid to water. On top of this, the Cl – that is added, help to oxidize arsenite into arsenate. This technique is able to remove arsenate almost from the water completely. When compared with other methods like reverse osmosis, this method consumes low energy. It is because it doesn’t need a high pressure. A dosing pump and a circulation pump are enough perhaps. The filter media’s backwash is totally mechanical and automatic. This means that it needs no control cabinet and no energy. 4. Usage of ferric hydroxide to absorb arsenic from the water. This technique uses the coagulation-precipitation method combined with fixed bed adsorption method.