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Those countries are Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark. The researchers found that the technology is well accepted, with about 80 % of users expressed support for the that that many are willing to or or at home. Between 75 to 85 % of the users found that the design, hygiene, smell and comfort of the NoMix conventional toilets equivalent. About 85 % of users were amenable to the idea of using stored urine as fertilizer. ‘No Mix – technology deserves more support by authorities and mainstream research,’the article notes..

The study has important implications for clinical practice. ‘The HbA1c can be deceptive in African American children with diabetes, misleading their doctors believe that blood glucose levels are higher than they really are,’said Stuart A. Professor of Pediatrics and Chief, Division of Endocrinology in the Department of Pediatrics at LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans School of Medicine. ‘If doctors do not take both HbA1c and self-monitored blood glucose levels to be considered, they are likely to unintentionally trigger increased episodes of life-threatening hypoglycemia in African-American patients. ‘.BMJ examined messages such as the world Food Program consulting with the members of of the company, humanitarian and military industry at the Help Help the hungry attained worldwide, especially in regions which and or other volatiles environments.