This finding may the causal link between antibiotics and C

This finding may the causal link between antibiotics and C. Difficile infectionsThe latest study by Dr . Sandra Dial from the Research Institute of the MUHC, McGill University, and Attending Staff in the Intensive Care Unit at the Jewish General Hospital, questions the assumption by A majority of physicians that Clostridium difficile infection remain mainly by the use of antibiotics rather than preceded it. This finding may have an important influence on it, such as patients with diarrhea are evaluated during their hospital admission. This study appears in the 6th October issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal .

‘We believe that all patients with diarrhea, particularly if severe enough to require a hospital visit, for for C. Difficile on arrival at the hospital the moment the test is primarily in patients, ingested the antibiotic. Which probably means that not everyone receives the correct diagnosis, ‘warned Dr.

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