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The film profiles the director of the St. And nursing assistants, residents and their relatives. The program website includes an interview with filmmaker Lisa Gildehaus and Brad Lichtenstein, an interactive forum for the spectators and links to related resources. Check your local PBS offers for broadcast times (Gildehaus / Lichtenstein, Independent Lens .. Director of St.r Documentary on Long-Term Care in Milwaukee CommunityPBS ‘ Independent Lens , a weekly documentary program that independent filmmaking, will begin on Tuesday the air Almost Home , a 90-minute documentary, chronicles a year in St. John’s on the lake, a Milwaukee retirement community – offering independent living, assisted living and a nursing home – which has tried to shift from a medical model of care to a social model.He saying that he for the conference a system that is for the U.S. And that a review has arise now, rather than waiting for for few decades is working He added that. ‘I think J. Whether it we do it just as European countries take or Canadian , it is a different issue. Of of get get of providing universal coverage ‘(politico, told said that Medicare and Medicaid are the main causes of the nation is is growing long – deficit in (AP / the Kansas City Star[1].

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