The Senate on Thursday voted 37-15.

Georgia:. The Senate on Thursday voted 37-15, ledger a bill it it authorize a crime to kill a fetus during an attack on a pregnant woman, the AP / Columbus-Enquirer reported. Under current state law, a person can for the murder only when the fetus could be prosecuted viable. The new measure would make it crime fetus fetus pregnancy a pregnancy .

‘the measure sponsored by state Sen. Katie Stine , would require that a doctor, nurse, social worker or nurse in a’private framework enter ‘women information including the fetus ‘ probable gestational age, the purpose of the procedure and the medical services that could be used for prenatal and neonatal care available childbirth birth moves now to the Senate for consideration .. Kentucky: the state house on Thursday 87-11 elected to a bill , which require that women who receive abortions face-to – face counseling before agreeing to undergo this procedure would reports reports the AP / Lexington Herald-Leader , the women who abortion abortion counseling ‘orally ‘and would require ‘in person.The study, to the of the the American Medical Association, noted that [p] atients from hospitals that were laid off to review till promptly, almost 15 percent less likely to re-hospitalization soon so need to, the researchers found. However over half of of the 252 hospitals in the study failed to following up with patients for one week after her release, though most older from the Henry J. And under a different blend of prescriptions or dosages are (Sternenberg.

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