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Long Iceland Doctor Shows First ‘4 K ‘ Ultra – High Definition Surgeryphysicians at the annual meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine with a glimpse into the future of women’s health with the presentation of endoscopic gynecologic surgery for the first time performed has 4K technology.

Medical and scientific director of Gold Coast IVF in Syosset, the presentation of the in plenary, At this meetingne presented: The Technological Transformation of Medicine. In this session, we have shown how tomorrow film technology, the laparoscopic surgery, which is performed every use with video techniques. .. Ultra – high resolution digital cameras changed the art of cinema. Hollywood directors Hollywood directors such as Peter Jackson and Stephen Soderbergh film the next generation of blockbuster movie cameras with 4K resolution, four times the resolution of HD with 4,096 lines of resolution to give audiences unprecedented realism is.The research, fishing was investigated in mouse models , is currently checked to the pre-clinical studies. They are accepted, said boss Mann he is optimistic represent what is people with Crab. – The time means there within the next decade there any chance, a low-cost the treatment of cancer with an increased probability of success as the have of chemotherapy, he said. We have so many drug systems which are outrageously expensive , the typical cancer patient has a million dollars to fees merely about the drugs, and this method can be carried out of about one tenth of of the costs.