The near-extinct Asian plant.

American mayapple contains anticancer compounds: Study Mayapple shows potential while money crop in USA common weed called American mayapple may soon give an alternative to an Asian cousin that’s been harvested almost to extinction because of its anti-cancers properties. The near-extinct Asian plant, Podophyllyum emodi, creates podophyllotoxin, a compound used in manufacturing etoposide, the active component in a drug used for dealing with lung and testicular malignancy . Podophyllyum emodi is definitely a cousin of the normal mayapple weed found in the United States. Podophyllotoxin is found in Indian mayapple , American mayapple , and various other species.

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American Red Cross fined $16M FDA Fines American Crimson Cross $16 Million for Prior Failures to Meet Blood Safety Laws and regulations The FDA announced today that the American Red Cross has been fined $16 million for prior failures to comply with Federal laws and regulations related to the collection and manufacture of blood products. Regardless of the compliance failures, FDA discovered no proof that the Crimson Cross violations endangered any individuals and the blood supply is thought to be safe. Multiple layers of safeguards are set up to protect and improve the safety of bloodstream products. However, these kinds of violations reduce the assurance that blood products manufactured by American Red Cross will still be safe and have the potential to compromise the basic safety of the blood circulation.