The Guys protein.

The Guys protein,atment effectively reversed depression-like behavior in mice.This study also reports that autopsy studies of patients with major depression showed significant levels of p11 protein in their nucleus accumbens reduced compared to those without depression.

Alexander are inventors on a patent application assigned to Cornell University related to p11 gene therapy for behavioral disorders. Greengard and Dr. Svenningsson inventors on a patent application assigned to the Rockefeller University in relation to the p11 gene and behavioral disorders.. Study co-authors also included Brian Alexander, Margarita Arango – Lievano, Mary Vernov, Mihaela Stavarache of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital / Weill Cornell Medical Center, Jennifer Warner Schmidt and Marc Flajolet, of Rockefeller University, Therese Eriksson and Per Svenningsson of Karolinska Institute, Carol Tamminga and Subroto Ghose, from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, and Sergei Musatov of Neurologix Inc.When obvious that a comprehensive view of the doctor needed practice, but until it now there is aggregated information aggregate data from various sources pilot today announced will, approaches to the aggregation of and reporting of data. Testing the doctor the pilot quality not only the quality of the supply, but these high quality vendors which is capable an efficient treatment patients in identifying unnecessary complications and costs.