The FDA the AtriCure Isolator bipolar ablation system

The FDA the AtriCure Isolator bipolar ablation system, including the new Isolator Synergy ablation clamps removed and multifunctional and linear ablation pens, for the ablation, or destruction of cardiac tissue during surgery. In addition, the FDA has cleared the AtriCure multifunctional pen for temporary pacing, many of which are stimulating and recording during the evaluation of cardiac arrhythmias. To date, the FDA has not cleared or approved AtriCure products for the treatment of AF . AtriCure left atrial appendage clip system is not approved for commercial use. It clinical trials clinical trials in Europe. – Forward-Looking Statements.

AtriCure,1, Deficiency Notice Regarding Minimum Bid Price RuleHealthaxis Inc. , an innovative provider of technology-enhanced, integrated business process solutions and services, including receivables and benefit administration applications, web-enabled software solutions and outsourced claims related services for health benefit administrators and health insurance claims processors, today announced that on 20 March 2008, notified by the NASDAQ Stock Market that for the last 30 consecutive trading days, the Company’s common stock closed below the minimum $ 1.00 bid price per share Marketplace Rule 4310 is required.

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