The entire cancer ward recurrence rate 4.

The entire cancer ward recurrence rate 4.4 percent at 10 years and 6.2 percent at 20 years, was among 5 – year survivors. Thirteen % of Ewing sarcomas and 14.4 percent of astrocytomas had , 20 years wiederkehrte.9 percent of pediatric renal tumors 2.4 percent of the.4 percent of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, 6 percent of neuroblastomas in 5-year survivors, 20 years after treatment again. – ‘Future research is needed risk of recurrence risk of recurrence in subgroups of survivors and the cost of long-term monitoring of disease in patients at risk patient groups because these factors need to be considered in long-term follow-up and transitional care plans,’the authors write.

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