The American Malignancy Society offers a virtual network for cancer patients.

The American Malignancy Society offers a virtual network for cancer patients, caregivers, survivors, and information-seekers, while Genentech BioOncology sponsors the Herceptin HER Story Community for HER2+ breast cancer patients specifically. Cancer is a difficult and psychological disease to navigate, leading sufferers to turn with their doctors, caregivers, and, now more than ever, the Internet for information and support, said Monique Levy, Senior Director of Analysis at Manhattan Research. Demand a Complimentary Overview of Online Cancer Marketplace Manhattan Research presents a complimentary summary of how cancer sufferers make an online search and other technology for health care.Before departing, make sure the windows are covered and set the refrigerator and freezers to the coolest feasible temperatures. If you are not ordered to keep, stay indoors and avoid the calmed ‘eye of the storm’ that can pass quickly, leaving you outside at risk. Nearly all hurricane-related injuries are due to flying glass and various other debris. Stay away from windows and doors and seek shelter in a bathroom and basement when possible. Hurricane Sandy slams Northeast U.S. Braced for superstorm, threatening some 60 million people along the most intensely populated corridor in the nation Carbon monoxide poisoning can be a potential risk throughout a hurricane: Avoid a generator, pressure washer, charcoal grill, camp stove, or various other gasoline – or charcoal-burning gadget inside your home, basement, or garage or less than 20 feet from any windowpane, door, or vent, the CDC recommends.