TELUS wellness space.

The educational tools for people living with diabetes will focus on cardiovascular risk assessment and reduction and will help to optimize diabetes care and attention while planning users for upcoming diabetes-focused visits with their healthcare provider. These educational tools on TELUS wellness space are modelled from the Canadian Diabetes Association 2008 Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Avoidance and Management of Diabetes in Canada. The Canadian Diabetes Association’s HealthProgram will act as an interactive health trainer for users providing information and support anywhere and at anytime as required. With an increase of than three million Canadians coping with diabetes and an additional six million Canadians coping with prediabetes, TELUS health space shall empower people to manage their personal and family members health.Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs relating to the current condition of treatment for veterans who have sustained a TBI.

Caregiver’s guidebook on avoiding life-threatening swallowing problems That’s the message of Drs. Roya Sayadi and Joel Herskowitz. They certainly are a wife-husband team from Natick, Massachusetts, who are spreading the word that swallowing problems are – plus they can be deadly everywhere! ‘Many people these days know about the risks of falling in older people,’ stated Dr.