Suggesting possible liver damage It is possible when large doses.

Source: Whitehead Institute for Biomedical ResearchA multi-institutional team of Boston – area research team has a chemical that works in mice to the rare but aggressive cells in breast tumors that have the ability to seed new tumors to discovered kill pituitary gland .

To overcome these hurdles, Broad and Whitehead Institute researchers were based on recent findings from Weinberg and his colleagues that a way to generate in the laboratory suggested a large number of cancer cells with stem cell-like qualities. The technique works by coaxing adult cells, a critical change , which changes its shape and motility undergo. At the same time the cells similar properties as similar properties as stem cells. ‘A critical aspect of of our work was to relatively relatively homogenous and stable populations of cancer stem-like cells, used for the screening used for screening, ‘says Tamer Onder, a former student of Weinberg lab and co-first author of the study ) ‘We were able to do this by inducing the cancer cells into an epithelial – to – mesenchymal transition with novel reagents that we achieve in the laboratory.

Acetaminophen as sure about long-term use but newer studies have demonstrated that even when relatively short period, the maximum permitted dose can be inducing raised levels of liver enzyme ALT in serum in the about a third of healthy individuals, suggesting possible liver damage It is possible when large doses, many of these people would be vulnerable to acute liver failure. David have a genetic disposition, but finding the variations by scanning human volunteers alone can be very difficult and require major studies with many participants. However by a little help of mouse The researchers can overcome those experimental hurdles.