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Kevin Quigley, president of the National Peace Corps Association for came back volunteers, is normally advocating for even more drastic reforms to the agency by reducing volunteers’ 27-month service commitment. Quigley, who served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Thailand, stated he and many other former volunteers want to volunteer again but are unable to take such an extended absence from work. Quigley has suggested reforms that could allow old volunteers to go to concentrate countries intermittently over many years and provide guidance to local companions via e-mail and phone.The FDA and EMEA laid the groundwork for these particular joint-agency biomarker evaluations in 2004 when they formulated a framework called the Voluntary Exploratory Data Submission review process. The new process allowed the PSTC to post a single biomarker data software to both regulatory firms, and then to meet jointly with researchers from both agencies to discuss it in detail also to address extra scientific queries posed by the regulators. Each regulatory agency then reviewed the application and made independent decisions on usage of the new biomarkers separately.