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In its dossier, the manufacturer as a result compared apixaban with warfarin. Both approval research left questions open Outcomes of one approval study for every of the two patient groups were available. Although both research were direct comparative randomized controlled trials , they remaining questions unanswered: In the study that directly compared apixaban with warfarin , results differed from nation to country largely, and it is unclear if they adequately represent the consequences of apixaban treatment in Germany. In the analysis that examined apixaban against ASA , it really is unclear whether the results can be applied to all individuals independent of their individual risk of complications. In both cases, nevertheless, there are simply no fundamental doubts about the advantages of apixaban so that IQWiG derived an indication of an added advantage in each case.South Carolina wants to impose a drug check on people getting unemployment benefits . LA Instances: Rick Santorum Predicts A ‘Surprise’ On Eve Of Primaries [Santorum] contrasted that with President Obama, who he said claimed that America was not a great country until entitlement applications were approved. [The president actually stated we would not be a great country without safety-net programs such as Social Security and Medicaid. He also argued that voters must consider that while Romney and his supporters spent huge amount of money in state-by-state battles to crush rivals, such a strategy would not work in the overall election against Obama .