Statement that nearly five years have passed.

Statement that nearly five years have passed, commit for the international community their Millennium, the proportion of poor and hungry people worldwide by 2015, called Morris on the donor community to continue its efforts on behalf of the 800 million doubled chronically hungry people – including 300 million children.

The Agency will also airlift food Indonesia’s Aceh province and sending food overland to Somalia. ‘Need the impact of this tragedy are so severe that the community go to get massive international aid for many months,’Morris said. ‘At the same time, there is a risk that this catastrophe overshadow you and reach the attention of the needs of millions of other people through various crises, both natural and artificial, affected around the world. We need to give them even ‘ ‘.. Morris said WFP took immediate steps to give relief to survivors.Stem cells are undifferentiated adult or embryonic cells which give rise to specialized cells, bones, Whilst stem cell transplants have being tested and investigated in clinics and labs, researcher only at the beginning understood which potential effects and the roller of adult stem cell in the design and treatment of lupus.