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Source: University of Kentucky.Written by: Catharine Paddock,Races sometimes hanging On Health Law Issues Go Down To The WireLas Vegas Review-Journal: First Lady Michelle Obama campaigned on Monday in Nevada for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who is in a tough race against Republican Sharron Angle. Her appearance her appearance on national radio, Fox News commentator Sean Hannity talk show, Reid blamed for Nevada ‘ gloomy economy ‘, its most important message of the campaign viagria . They promised that if elected, agree repeal repeal national health care reform and ‘bring back good old capitalism. Said on Monday that said on Monday that if Angle were elected, Nevadans would wake up with a senator who says it’s not the create jobs, ‘the insurance control health and who wants to drive us right back into the ditch would be ‘a, GOP GOP policies led led to the recession ‘.

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