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Current state of Topical INCB18424begin a three-month Phase IIb trial with about 300 psoriasis patients with mild to moderate disease should in October here . The Phase IIb study examined three doses of topical INCB18424 applied once daily as compared to vehicle. Silvery scales.dpoints include change in total lesion score investigated all psoriatic lesions, and safety and tolerability of monitoring signs and symptoms and by the collection of clinical laboratory and blood samples. Secondary endpoints include changes in individual lesion scores of all psoriatic lesions, the mean change in Physicians Global Assessment in INCB18424 treated patients compared to placebo subjects, %age of patients achieving clear and almost clear on PGA, the %age of patients. An improvement in their psoriasis Area Severity Index and trough concentrations of INCB18424 prior to application in a stable condition.

IncyteIncyte Corporation reported positive results from two 28 – day Phase IIa clinical trials of topical INCB18424, a selective janus – associated kinase inhibitor, in patients with mild to moderate psoriasis. The results of the first study , a Phase IIa dose – escalation study with 28 patients demonstrated that INCB18424 was well tolerated at all doses and significantly improved the total lesion score and each component of the total lesion score compared to the carrier. Data from INCB18424 at 1.5 percent twice daily also showed improvements in total lesion scores that were similar to the currently approved therapies, Dovene and Diprolene.

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