Seeing that administration gears up for 2014 launch of health exchanges.

Seeing that administration gears up for 2014 launch of health exchanges, states wrestling with policy choice still Oklahoma has opted not to proceed with a state-based exchange or with the Medicaid growth, while Republican governors from Tennessee, Utah and Iowa continue steadily to press the Department of Health insurance and Human Providers for more guidance. Politico: Next Up For Obamacare: Launching The Exchanges In 2014 Given that the elections saved the health care rules from the threat of repeal, the Obama administration and its own backers are turning their attention toward obtaining the law right -; before the next elections come around in 2014 . Politico: HHS Looks To Step Up Role In Health Exchanges The very last thing the Obama administration wanted to do was come into a couple of states and start running health insurance exchanges .

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