Said Joe Verghese.

‘the program enables us to the science and research environment Einstein bridge with clinical and patient care settings throughout Montefiore, innovative mentoring and research opportunities that geriatrics hopefully some will consider geriatrics as a focus for their careers at a time when we find ourselves treating more and more patients who are older, ‘said Joe Verghese, the grant co-leader and associate professor of neurology at Einstein, in the active on on aging, falls, and dementia, as well as in clinical care and education. ‘Even by working with geriatric neurology, in the direction of in the direction of awareness and recognition of medical students, first-hand and physicians to work together Neurogeriatric syndromes such as dementia.

###Montefiore Medical Center, the principal teaching hospital for the Albert Einstein College of Medicine is home to one of the largest residency programs. In the United States and the evolution of GeriEd program the program is align 157 practicing physicians and residents and 750 medical students annually.‘We have to have better funding channeling into battle against fungus diseases. ‘.

The National Science Foundation and to the National Institute of Health in the U.S., and BBSRC, of the the Wellcome Trust, the Trust made Leverhume, and the ERA-NET the project BiodivERsA, financial assistance for the study.

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