Safety was similar over the three SBP groupings.

A post-hoc analysis from the SHIFT study confirmed low systolic blood circulation pressure is associated with poor outcomes in chronic HF, and that ivabradine decreased the primary composite endpoint of cardiovascular death or hospitalization for worsening HF in this subgroup with low baseline SBP. Safety was similar over the three SBP groupings. Results were published in the July 2014 issue of the European Journal of Heart Failure .1 Ivabradine can be an oral drug that inhibits the If current in the sinoatrial node, the body's cardiac pacemaker.2 It works to slow the heartrate without unwanted effects on myocardial contractility or ventricular repolarization.2 ‘Despite standard of treatment, chronic heart failure continues to be a disabling condition with an unhealthy prognosis for sufferers at risk for hospitalization,’ stated Sean E.