S 22nd International Symposium on the Forensic Sciences in Adelaide.

ChemImage to provide a workshop on hyperspectral imaging at ANZFSS 2014 ChemImage will show a workshop focused on hyperspectral imaging in the Australian and New Zealand Forensic Technology Society's 22nd International Symposium on the Forensic Sciences in Adelaide, Australia terms of use . Forensic Scientists will be in attendance for discussion regarding the advancements that hyperspectral imaging can bring to examination methods. Dr. Jeffrey Beckstead, Director of Product Advancement at ChemImage, will web host a workshop during the conference on September 5, 2014, informing the attending forensic examiners of the techniques involved with hyperspectral imaging into several areas of forensic investigations.

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Chemical Pneumonia Symptoms Symptoms and Signs of chemical pneumonia vary greatly, and several factors can determine it is seriousness. For instance, someone subjected to chlorine in a big outdoor pool may possess only a cough and burning eyes. Someone else subjected to high degrees of chlorine in a small space may die of respiratory failing. Factors that determine the severe nature of signs and symptoms include the pursuing: Type and strength of chemicalExposure environment: interior, outdoor, heat, coldLength of exposure: mere seconds, minutes, hoursForm of chemical: gas, vapor, particulate, liquidProtective measures used to avoid exposure to chemicalsPrior medical conditionAge of the personChemical pneumonia may have the following signs or symptoms: Chemical Pneumonia Symptoms Burning of the nasal area, eyes, lips, mouth area, and throatDry coughWet cough producing clear, yellow, or green mucusCough generating bloodstream or frothy pink matter in salivaNausea or stomach painChest painShortness of breathPainful breathing or pleuritis HeadacheFlu symptomsWeakness or an over-all ill feelingDelirium or disorientationChemical Pneumonia Symptoms a Doctor Might Observe Quick or shallow breathsRapid pulseOral, nasal, or epidermis burnsPale or cyanotic skin and lipsHeavy sweatingAltered thinking and reasoning skillsUnconsciousnessSwelling of eye or tongueHoarse or muffled voiceChemical odors on other areas of the bodyFrothy spit from a coughFever..