Routinely used in many fertility centers for couples who conception conception.

The scientists say their work preimplantation genetic diagnosis preimplantation genetic diagnosis screening in fertility treatment PGS. Routinely used in many fertility centers for couples who conception conception, particularly for advanced maternal age, repeated failure of implantation, recurrent miscarriages or severe male fertility problems. An individual cell in the early embryo is removed for genetic testing as it the the selection of chromosomally normal embryos for uterine transfer would increase the birth rate and transfer the miscarriage per embryo transfer..

Our results show made a decisive breakthrough every cell of a human embryo genetic composition genetic composition, hence , the one cell, which is genetically analyzed not representative for the rest of the embryo. If the tested cell is genetically abnormal, the embryo not be transferred. But the rest of the embryo might be normal and develop into a healthy person. Therefore the use of PGS means that potentially viable embryos are discarded. The prevalent chromosomal instability in all early human IVF embryos explains the failure of PGS the birth rate the birth rate per embryo transferred.. ‘Although PGS as a way of increasing the chances is encouraged to a successful pregnancy, said Ms Vanneste, ‘there has never been significant evidence to suggest that it in fact living increase, birth rates after IVF.The balance which organs provide a on-line moving guidance system.

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