Respectively started and had them up and running within a little over a year.

This was the case in Navarre and the Basque Country that this type of program in the years 1990 and 1995, respectively started and had them up and running within a little over a year. These initiatives could explain why these two regions, a leader in the reduction of breast cancer mortality in women over 65 years.

A similar trend was seen in patients between 45 and 65 years, with the highest mortality rates recorded in the north, in the Mediterranean and in the southwest to 1995. Deaths in women over 65 years were the most significant in the northeastern provinces, the center, south-west and the northern part of the Mediterranean region, with this decreasing trend over the study period. – The gradual disappearance of these geographical differences is due to the uniform distribution of early prevention programs, reproductive therapy, obesity and other factors related to life in recent years, the authors emphasize..Be aggressive chemo and radiation as wanted to damaging the reproductive organs researchers safety of use of safety of using ovarian tissues cryopreserving to safeguard the fertility of patient suffering from leukemia. In the study the researchers studied the effects of the art in 12 women with ALL, a fast-growing cancer of the white blood cell count, and six wives CML an slow progress of bone marrow cancer. In contrast, this study, two to thirty-one years old, when her ovary tissue was cryopreserved . Mean age of the patient with ALL was 14.5 years old and 24.7 years for persons with CML.

Marie Madeleine for fertility in young females Preserve of patients with leukemia Unsafe.

As most acute lymphoblastic leukemia with disease with the disease at an early age, considering the conservation of their fertility of is particularly important. In fact, to the National Cancer Institute per cent of people % of people diagnosed with a ALL be is less than 35 years old, when virtually 10 % of people from chronic myeloid leukemia are. In 2010 it is estimated 180 women by ALL and 2,070 CML are diagnosed.