Registered dietitian Carolyn ONeil.

Registered dietitian Carolyn O’Neil, said:The last thing we want is for Americans to think that avoiding high fructose corn syrup is the answer. All sugars should be consumed in moderation – corn sugar, table sugar, honey and fruit juice concentrates. These sugars contain an equal number of calories, Swap two distinctly different ingredients, such as pure fructose and high fructose corn syrup, creates factually incorrect conclusions and misleads consumers. . Sources: Corn Refiners Association.

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The Help The Aged ‘ Just Equal Treatment ‘ campaign is are rampant of age discrimination, are are elder, and invited a complete ban of age discrimination and a new duty on public authorities to be treated equally, as a part of Equality Bill , which was promised in last election Labour manifesto stressed the promotion of. The campaign is did quoted examples of from of age discrimination in every spheres of daily life – from hospital main street – and has recently released a range of personal stories of elderly of by grounds of age , including some for the assumption assumptions and practices virtually signified published distinction of life and death ..