Referred to as epigenetic modifications.

Thus, attachment of methyl groupings to DNA inactivates important cellular growth brakes often. Therefore, this process called methylation is thought to be a major reason behind uncontrolled division of cancers cells. Specific enzymes, the DNA methyltransferases, are in charge of methylation. Unlike changes in the blueprint of the genetic materials, epigenetic mutations are reversible and, thus, cancers cells can be restored with their normal state . Substances causing this re-programming are getting used as anticancer medications already. Examples are azacytidine and decitabine, which are used in the treatment of a particular type of blood cancers called acute myeloid leukemia.This demonstrable improvement can be another milestone in the development of flocked swab technology and ensures the utmost sensitivity of assay. The latest discoveries are actually the subject matter of a series of new patent applications by COPAN in america and in other countries all over the world. Worldwide, COPAN holds several patents for its original line of flocked swabs, FLOQSwabs.

Chlamydia Prognosis Treated with antibiotics, chlamydial infections can be cured most of the time. Complications of untreated chlamydia consist of: A significant number of females will establish pelvic inflammatory disease; Some females with pelvic inflammatory disease will develop a form of liver disease .