Put the receptors for the female sex hormone estrogen and our daily diet.

At DKFZ, a team headed by Professor Jenny Chang-Claude, the results of several studies are combined in a meta – analysis of last year and showed that a diet rich in phytoestrogens to suffer the risk of breast cancer decreases after menopause. Now the Heidelberg researchers wanted to find out whether phytoestrogens also have an influence on the course of breast cancer. Prior research on this topic conflicting results conflicting results.. Breast Cancer Mortality Rate reduced working CompoundPhytoestrogens are plant compounds that the human body, put the receptors for the female sex hormone estrogen and our daily diet.

Thus, it promotes cell death and inhibits sprouting of new blood vessels. – To find out whether enterolactone also inhibits the aggressiveness of estrogen receptors in estrogen receptor positive tumors, we would have to extend much much larger groups of women, said Jenny Chang-Claude. Of cancer. The researcher is emphasized that: By eating a diet that is rich in whole grains, seeds and vegetables that will be as healthy anyway, everybody can take in enough lignans, at this stage we can get discouraged just people.Having almost 30 % of cancer is the common type of cancer occurring in women in Germany and in Europe. Approximately 57,000 women every year diagnosed with breast cancer in Germany, 17,500 women a year die of breast cancer cancer1. To American National Cancer Institute estimates that 1 – 1 – in the-8 chance of developing to breast cancer during their life. Moreover the Society ‘s new screening guidelines influenced up to 1.4 million high-risk women by Commission Recommendation you obtain annually MRI screenings.2 A high %age of these women will be breast MRI breast MRI.