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This study strongly suggests that eating a wholesome ratio of the two types of fatty acids may make a difference in reducing prostate cancer growth, but studies have to be executed in humans before any clinical recommendations could be made. Researchers used a special mouse model for hormone-sensitive prostate cancer that closely mirrors the condition in humans. Experts fed one band of mice a diet made up of 20 % fats with a wholesome one-to-one ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 essential fatty acids. A second group of mice had been fed the same diet but with the fats derived from mostly omega-6 fatty acids.He reintroduced legislation once again in April, though, which he says he hopes will force the Defense Department ‘to dig deeper to discover whether there is a service-related trigger for the alarming price of those users who are diagnosed.’ If his suspicions somehow are confirmed – that, these service members are being exposed to something in connection with their military program – he wants Defense officials to ultimately classify breast tumor as a service-related disability, which would very clear the true way for them to get Veterans Administration benefits for treatment. Reports said an unusual amount of breast cancer cases in males have occurred in guys who lived and worked well at Camp Lejeune, N.C., where one of two U.S.