PEPFAR offers important lesson for President Bush.

Kristof Kristof, Abroad, Washington’s prudishness about condoms is routinely undermined by pragmatic officials , but similar pragmatism is not reached American schools, particularly in the South. all the fears that condoms promiscuity promiscuity, the opposite is true in Cambodia, J writes concluded that we do a better job with our tax money to do the health and lives of Cambodian prostitutes protect, as we protect schoolchildren in Texas (Kristof, New York Times.. PEPFAR offers important lesson for President Bush, U.S. School Boards in the fight against HIV / AIDS, Opinion Piece Saysin the fight against HIV / AIDS, Cambodia offers an important lesson for President Bush and U.S. Education authorities: Did not afraid of this life-saving bits latex condoms known, Nicholas Kristof writes in a New York Times commentary.

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