Parkinsons disease and ataxias can be caused.

Ten tips for happiness 1) Meet up with a friend that you haven’t seen for a while. 2) View a funny television programme or film. 3) Exercise for approximately thirty minutes three times a week. 4) Cut your television viewing by half. 5) Buy experiences not goods – visit a concert, movie, unusual place or strange cafe. 6) Create novel challenges by starting a new hobby, joining an organisation, or learning a new skill. 7) Get a 20 minute walk in sunlight. 8) Spend 10 minutes listening to relaxing or uplifting music 9) Stroke a dog 10) Stop viewing and reading the news..Promoting outdoor activity to parents and families, and including even more outdoor pursuits in college curricula, could be an important public health measure to avoid the development of myopia. This general public health message will be particularly relevant in those countries where the prices of myopia in children are very high, such as in Singapore and Taiwan. This strategy would also be appropriate for the public health message on the importance of physical activity in relation to childhood obesity..