Or else be forced to wear face masks every single right period they work.

Despite the fact that federal government officials openly admitted that the N95 encounter masks being encouraged in this so-called pandemic were not foolproof at all ( hospitals in the united states began enacting draconian policies that required unvaccinated health care workers to put them on all the time while working. The theory that flu shots provide any kind of ‘protection’ is genuine propagandaAny honest assessment of the available published literature on flu vaccines will clearly reveal that flu vaccines are simply not able to preventing flu infection, regardless of what anyone promises to the contrary.‘Presently it is illegal for pharmacies to take back unused pain medicines, so amending existing laws that prohibit drug take-back programs would allow these agents to be properly destroyed in an environmentally neutral way,’ said Craig. In a letter to FDA Deputy Director for Drug Research and Evaluation Douglas Throckmorton, APS also expressed its support for expanded educational initiatives, such as public provider advertisements, to encourage the general public to lock all controlled substances, properly dispose of unused drugs, and never share medications with others. ‘Anyone who considers using a diverted medication must understand there is great potential for a lifestyle threatening adverse event. Education outreach also should convey this message,’ said Craig..