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Brandow, an assistant professor of pediatrics at the Medical College of Wisconsin and the Children’s research Institute of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. To resolve this problem, future research future research in the following areas: continued funding of studies to determine the efficacy of hydroxyurea for complications other than pain, evaluating unconfirmed toxicities of the drug that impact on the practice to investigate access to care access to care contributes to noncompliance, and research on methods to promote patient adherence to recommended medical care. .. The survey found that only 8 % of providers had half or most of their pediatric patients with sickle cell disease on hydroxyurea. OBWOHL Eine Mehrheit der anbieter der Ansicht, dass. Hydroxyurea wirksam oder sehr wirksam zur Vorbeugung von Schmerzen, einige Noch Nicht verschreiben Das Medikament anspruchsberechtigte Kinder WEGEN der Besorgnis uber sterben k – Our survey a significant variation in hydroxyurea utilization in children with sickle cell disease with obstacles that strikes found their use by providers and patients, said lead study author Amanda M.

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