Not from MONUC to the Dungu hospital transported for medical treatment.

MONUC does not include the evacuation of wounded civilians from recently attacked areas reached reached by helicopter – inaccessible to inaccessible to humanitarian organizations. An example of this includes a case in Duru 14 as a one – year-old child suffering from gunshot wounds, not from MONUC to the Dungu hospital transported for medical treatment, according to journalists aboard the helicopter.

”The conclusion reached reached day in and day out on the ground is that the LRA is continuing its unspeakable violence against civilians,’said Marc Poncin, MSF operations manager for DRC. ‘Further massacres are likely. The United Nations Security Council Resolution 1856 of 22 December 2008 makes the protection of civilians must receive the priority for the peacekeepers of the United Nations in the Democratic Republic of Congo. MONUC therefore their responsibility and can no longer keep it up missing among among the inhabitants of Haut – U systematically systematically.Alcoholicalcoholic poisoning is common among children year round , but increases during the holidays. Often this if the children drink the remaining cocktails after parties or where adults allow them her glasses their glasses, said William hotels in Norcross, UCSD Child and Preventive Medicine of medical. Grown should make sure Dr.use poisoning. Alcoholic beverages and cleaned thoroughly outside the range during and after a party.

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