Next StepAfter the phase I clinical trial is officially completed dapoxetine 60mg.

Next StepAfter the phase I clinical trial is officially completed, Sinovac will start the application process with SFDA start of the Phase II study approved. The company is. Their summary report of the Phase I clinical study, planning and protocol for Phase II clinical trial and other relevant documents dapoxetine 60mg .

The preliminary results showed good immunogenicity, with a sero-positive rate of 78, which exceeds the criteria established for the evaluation of vaccines by the Committee for Proprietary Medicinal Products of the European Union. Sinovac CEO and Chairman of BOD, commented Mr. Yin Weidong, ‘This is another success for China’s biotechnology industry and an encouraging event for us at Sinovac Our R & D programs have many proven successes and are the core our business plan. It builds our organic product pipeline, double-blind studiesng and sales programs, and creates synergy with our strategic partners. ‘.

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