New study from the University of Gothenburg.

Dominic ffytcheBesides neurons, the mind consists of a large numbers of astrocytes. These possess previously been seen primarily because the brain’s housekeeping cells, whose functions include regulating blood circulation in different elements of the brain. Previous research shows that astrocytes can react to and talk to neurons also. Our personality, thoughts and emotions are manufactured by activity in various systems of nerve cells in the mind. This activity requires the form of electric impulses which are transmitted between neurons via synapses, says Andersson.The so-called vaccine court agreed that Hannah developed autism as a result of getting vaccinations against nine disease, including the MMR vaccine, all at one time. UK authorities also agreed through the same year that a kid who suffered brain harm did so as due to MMR, leading to the child’s family finding a nominal cash sum to place towards his duration of treatment. Even the manufacturer-issued package place for MMR admits that the vaccine could cause a bunch of diseases, including many of the conditions connected with autism spectrum disorder. A complete list of these is available on the vaccine insert right here:[PDF] Dew’s must-see Nightly Information report goes much deeper into all this, exposing the establishment as a lying propaganda machine.