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CDC Numbers Spark Louisiana ActionIn related news, com examines how the Office of National AIDS Policy sized cities and southern cities selected for their HIV / AIDS hold community forums to HIV / AIDS to address on a national level . – The Baton Rouge Advocate / WBRZ: Ministers from seven Baton Rouge churches soon step forward and one of the first of the HIV / AIDS virus to fight in a new pastoral efforts of the city to the high incidence tested The ministerial initiative was encouraged. By the Centers for disease Control and Prevention report shows the summer in Baton Rouge metropolitan area ranks third in the nation for AIDS case rates Louisiana Office of Only 10 % of the Baton Rouge population tested for the disease, said Jack Carrel, prevention manager with the. Louisiana Office of Public Health, HIV / AIDS Prevention Program in Baton Rouge, ‘ people find out very late in the HIV process, he said (Couvillion, the action was prompted by a CDC report.

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