Nearly all common diseases and health conditions.

In the past year Inglewood RNs to Picket FridayRegistered nurses will picket Centinela Hospital Center and hold a clock rally Friday to protest a systematic campaign a systematic campaign of Prime Healthcare severely eroded calling force care standards and the removal of experienced nurses in hospital cost of patient safety.

Negotiations are planned for next week. Centinela other employees are also expected to join the RNs on Friday protest.For example, our research help us not only what diseases a person can is at risk for as well understand how that risk, and as you reduce the best to handle the disease. This research program is has an exciting opportunity significant advances significant progress in the direction improve the health and healthcare. .. Nearly all common diseases and health conditions , both genetic and environmental factor linked to the researchers. The understanding to be critical interaction between genes and the environment on the health a significant impact on the manner in we all has look at health and sickness at the future, said Schaefer.

To be done of the Research Department Studies almost entirely finances to money from the outside Kaiser Permanente in the form of federal grants as by National Institutes of Health, or out other organizations and foundations. Funding for the RPGEH comes from playLil Wayne and Gladys the valley Stiftung, to the Ellison Medical Foundation , and Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit programs. Projects on of more info about the Kaiser Permanente Research Program of the Genes, the environment and health.