Lukesexpanded to include Phase III clinical trial in metastatic melanoma St.

St. Lukesexpanded to include Phase III clinical trial in metastatic melanoma St. Luke’s Cancer CentreDelcath Systems announced that the St. Luke’s Cancer Center of Bethlehem, part of St. Luke’s Hospital & Health Network connected system for the isolated, high-dose delivery of anti-cancer agent melphalan. This phase III multi – center study is led by the National cancer Institute and is enrolling at cancer centers in the United States.

The new compactips New Handheld Ultrasound System offers premium picture quality in a portable systemRoyal Philips Electronics today announced the launch of its advanced handheld ultrasound system the Philips CX50 CompactXtreme. Designed to meet the needs of cardiologists for clear diagnostic data at the bedside to be fair, the new compact system, the image quality of a traditional, premium, full-size system the the convenience of portability.Soft tissue sarcomas are cancers formed in the muscles, connective tissue, vessels and other supporting fabric of the body.. Progression-free survival Plan, initiate a Phase 2 clinical trial having INNO-206 in patients with advanced soft tissue sarcomas – CytRx Corporation , is a biopharmaceutical company, today announced plans to initiate of a multinational trial with the trial with the doxorubicin A prodrug INNO-206 in the treatment in patients with advanced soft tissue sarcoma operation and radiation surgery and radiation.

CytRx President and CEO of Steven A. Kriegsman said,’Patients with advanced soft tissue sarcoma that can no longer be treated with surgery bought a poor prognosis, progression-free survival for that group has around six or seven months and the median overall survival. To survive being approximately treated in years less than thirds of these patients been living three years, shortcuts of the chemotherapeutics ifosfamide and doxorubicin seem to provide the highest response rates and longest is time to progression in this population;. However, of these therapies has insignificant improved survival. The capability to improve INNO-206 a higher dose level as doxorubicin manage not adverse events could potentially increasing quality of life this patient and might prolong survival. ‘.