Lighter and shrunken in comparison with nonalcoholic brains.

They discovered that the expression of genes that control the produce of structural proteins of the myelin was low in the alcoholic instances. Furthermore, the content of these proteins in the white matter was decreased. These changes most likely alter the function and structure of the myelin sheath and ultimately the conduction of nerve impulses.’ It is important for those who abuse alcohol to realize that some of the damage can be reversed. ‘Neuropsychological research show that some brain functions improve with abstinence,’ said Harper.The initiative would allow those 21 years and older to obtain up to one ounce of marijuana, more than enough to roll a large number of marijuana cigarettes. Occupants also could grow their own crop of the plant in gardens measuring up to 25 square ft. The proposal would ban users from ingesting marijuana in public areas or smoking cigarettes it while minors are present. In addition, it would help to make it illegal to possess the drug on school drive or grounds while under its influence.