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Now we are able to make quantitative analyses using Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis technology. This has faciliated our recent research work.’ ‘Ahead of using NTA, I was calculating exosome size by electron microscopy. There is no other technique obtainable. The new technology we can analyze millions of particles, particle by particle, in minutes giving not merely numbers but also populace distribution. Although the measurement of the size of the particles is not as accurate as the electron microscopy, NTA will allow us to procedure a large number of samples in a short time period.’ To find out more about NanoSight and to learn about particle characterization using the firm's unique nanoparticle tracking analysis instruments, check out and register to get the next issue of NanoTrail, the company's electronic newsletter..This leaves people susceptible to degenerative brain illnesses, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and various other age-related disorders. ‘The good thing is that natural substances called polyphenolics within fruits, nuts and vegetables possess an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory impact that may drive back age-associated decline,’ said Poulose, who’s with the U. S. Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Analysis Service Human Nourishment Research Center on Maturing in Boston. Poulose did the study with James Joseph, Ph.D., june 1 who died. Joseph, who headed the laboratory, pioneered research about the part of antioxidants in nuts and fruits in preventing age-related cognitive decline.