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Siemens donated ten RapidPoint 350 blood gas analyzers to Project HOPE. These systems can be used to intensive care blood gas and electrolyte blood test results within minutes deliver in a field hospital setting. With these blood gas analyzers, Siemens provided adequate test systems and consumables to 90,000 tests carried out and necessary work with our partner, Smiths Medical, who also donated blood sterile syringes the the tests. In addition, Siemens donated enough Multistix 10 SG Urinalysis Strips perform to 90,000 urine tests. These test strips assist rapid diagnosis of kidney function, urinary tract infections, carbohydrate metabolism , and liver function.

Previous work concentrated through the role of individuals in health literacy , but the new tool sets up an area – the organizational – the growing attention of the role that organization game in health literacy. Matthew Wynia to the American Medical Association passes the ethical force Programme , which is a multi-stakeholder Programme measurement of communications climate into health care organizations. According to Dr. Wynia This new tool for the health plans is great step forward to ensure effective communication in health care, it is appropriate be focused on one-to-one interactions. But we also need tools like those seen detect interact place in the organizations, each with their own culture, infrastructure priorities for and to ensure good communication a lot of easier or more difficult to. .