It is usually with older adults secondary pulmonary hypertension.

Frailty in medical terms refers to a person’s health status and the risk of side effects associated with various health conditions. It is usually with older adults.The researchers sought to the effect of age on fitness and frailty, compared the profile of relatively fit people aged 15 to 102 with frail adults and the impact of fitness and frailty of age and sex on mortality in the to understand the context secondary pulmonary hypertension . They looked at data on 14,713 people, of whom 54 percent were women, over a period of 12 years from 1994 to 95, at 2006-07 with two-year monitoring intervals. A Frailty Index used to assess the risk degree, people’s health levels and the accumulation of health deficits. These included diseases, disabilities , symptoms , allergies and other diseases.

In the current study, the scientists working memory of healthy young men and women and older men and women visual memory visual memory test involving multitasking. Older peopleonal magnetic resonance imaging, the researchers tracked blood flow to the brain participants activity activity of neural circuits and networks.

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We therefore recommend referred the report to the Ministerial and request they to check carefully conclusions and recommendations. . Royal College of Nursing .