It is essential to determine the cause of iron deficiency and address it properly.

Vitamin supplements might replace folate and supplement B12 in people with poor eating habits. In people with pernicious anemia who cannot absorb sufficient levels of vitamin B12, monthly injections of supplement B12 are commonly utilized to replete the vitamin B 12 amounts and appropriate the anemia. Epoetin alfa is a medicine that can be given as an injection to increase red blood cell production in people who have kidney problems. The creation of erythropoietin is reduced in people who have advanced kidney disease, as explained earlier. Stopping a medication that may be the cause of anemia might also reverse anemia after consultation with a physician.However, the risk will not always increase. They also find that infection with one parasite species can sometimes be associated with a lesser threat of infection with another parasite species. Explaining the significance of these findings, Dr Lello, stated: ‘We were able to use in our statistical model many different things which have been defined as risks before, for instance a kid's living circumstances, behaviour, sex and so forth. As such we’re able to tell that the co-infections were not just due to these 'other' risks and importantly we’re able to also tell just how much difference every risk produced compared to one another. This showed us that co-infection was very important to all of the diseases we looked at and often it had been more important than most of these 'additional' risks.